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Nu Skin operates as a direct sales business for some of the best skincare products.

Nu Skin is a great direct sales business to start because it is high in demand. It also provides many products that can be sold to the public. These products are a great opportunity for those who want to make money. If you want to learn about the products and how to start your own home based business, Nu Skin is the direct sales business for you.  The home based business of Nu Skin has some great benefits including flexible schedule and earning potential. If you would like to find out more about this great opportunity then please continue reading.

In a world that seems to be going through a tough time financially, it is nice to find an opportunity that gives you the flexibility and ability to work from home.  Nu Skin allows you to earn money from home if you cannot leave your current job because you are required to travel for business purposes or because of some other obligation.

Beyond skin care products, Nu Skin offers nutrition supplements and weight loss programs.

Nu Skin is a direct sales company. They sell beauty and life enhancement products. Nu Skin’s mission is to help people live healthy lives. They want everyone to be able to live up their potential and look beautiful while doing it. Nu Skin uses science based products that they know will work for every individual customer . Nu Skin’s products are used by men, women and children of all ages.  Nu Skin has over 20 years of experience in consumer products sales.

Nu Skin offers so many different skin care and beauty products to choose from. The amazing thing about them, is that they are all customizable for each individual’s needs and goals. They offer something for everyone from anti aging treatments to weight loss programs to nutrition supplements. If you want “your perfect skin,” Nu Skin has it.

Nu Skin also offers a weight loss program called the Nu Skin® Nutritional Weight Management System . This system is centered around a number of nutritional supplements that are designed to help ensure optimal fat breakdown and fat absorption for fast results. It will put your body in a state where you will be burning more calories than usual.

How much can you earn with Nu Skin?

Anybody curious how much money they could make working for Nu Skin.  The average Nu Skin associate earns $1,000.00 per month.

For the more committed, top performers can earn far above this amount.  Nu Skin is a home based business and for those who take it serious you can make even more money than you would in some other businesses.

The opportunities for earning with Nu Skin are quite great if you work hard enough. There are a number of different levels to choose from. The first lie in the ranks of the distributor. The rank of distributor ranges from level 1-level 5: level 1 being the lowest and level 5 being the highest. The next opportunity for earnings is a mentor, which is a rank that falls under the distributors. A mentor is someone who has been working with Nu Skin for at least 2 years and has promoted to level 4 or higher through their own efforts.

The next rank is that of director which can be achieved by anyone who joins at any time and achieves 10,000 points within 12 months. These individuals must attend company events at least once.

How much does the initial investment for Nu Skin start-up cost?

The business opportunity with Nu Skin will cost you money, but it is not expensive for what you get out of it. The initial investment is around $180 plus tax .

How long has Nu Skin been in operation?

Nu Skin was incorporated as a company in 1984.

Its research and development group is found in American Fork, Utah, USA.

What is the history of Nu Skin?

Nu Skin was incorporated in 1984. They hire independent sales directors to sell and distribute their products. Nu Skin shares a motivational philosophy with many religions, which is that if you live healthy, you can make the world a better place.

Is Nu Skin a member of the DSA?

Yes, Nu Skin is a member of the direct sales association.

Is there a way to order starter kits with Nu Skin?

Nu Skin offers a starter kit for those who are interested in becoming an independent representative. The cost of the kit is $70, and it covers the beginning stock that you will need to get started as an independent sales director with Nu Skin.

The starter kit includes the following:

-Body age test (to measure skin quality)

-Nu Skin brochure

-Nu Skin catalog

-5 day supply of purifying facial serum and moisturizer

-Kao sample booklet

What is your commission with Nu Skin?

Once you are a distributor, your commission will depend on the number of products that you sell.  Nu Skin provides excellent customer service and they want to make sure that their representatives are well versed in their products at all times. They offer excellent training programs to help individuals understand all of the details about minerals, vitamins, and personal care products. As an independent sales director with Nu Skin, they don’t expect you to be an expert every single day. The company provides ongoing training for their distributors so that they can continue to learn as much as they need to about their business.

What incentives does Nu Skin provide?

Nu Skin offers an online distributor training which is video based, so that individuals can watch it on their phone. There is also a Nu Skin University where you can go and learn more about the company, products, and business opportunity.

Nu Skin provides incentive trips for high-performing distributors every year who rank in the top 10% of the company.  There is also an annual convention for all independent sales directors to attend.

They have a scholarship program and they offer help with financing their products for those who are making less than $50K per year or do not make enough to afford their monthly payment plan. This includes members of all ethnic backgrounds who live in areas with high poverty levels.

Do you get a website through Nu Skin?

Yes, with Nu Skin you get a website. You can also post updates to your site and share it so that others can see what’s going on with the products.

“Additional Resources:

What is Nu Skin’s refund policy?

Nu Skin offers a 10-day satisfaction guarantee on all orders.  This means that you can request a refund for any order that does not meet your satisfaction within the first ten days.

The important thing to remember is that if you’re not satisfied with Nu Skin products, you need to call or email Nu Skin customer service directly. You cannot return products to retail locations or resellers.

Nu Skin also has an Employee Satisfaction Guarantee.  This guarantees the company will purchase back 100% of the sales director’s unsold inventory – products and promotional material alike – within 90 days of their initial purchase from Nu Skin, as long as they have at least 25 points in their account on the day they send in

What products does Nu Skin offer?

Nu Skin offers over 250 products in the following categories: cosmetics, body care, anti-aging, weight management, family care, and nutritional supplements.

The following are just some of the Nu Skin product selections:

-AgeLOC moisturizer

-Purifying facial serum

-NuLiv shake

-Truweight protein powder

-Truclear skin serum with sunscreen

The company sells its products exclusively through direct-seller consultants, meaning you cannot find them in stores.

Nu Skin offers a wide range of products for customers to purchase and it’s important to note that these items are exclusively available through direct-seller consultants. For those who want more information on how Nu Skin works, you can visit their website at or go directly to the NuSkin University where they offer training videos and other helpful resources. Nu Skin also provides incentives such as trips for high performing distributors every year who rank in the top 10% of the company. There is also an annual convention for all independent sales directors to attend if they so choose. If you’re interested in learning about what your commission will be once you become a distributor with Nu Skin, this is a great way to start earning money through the Nu Skin business.

Nu Skin is a popular network marketing company, known as much for their high-quality products as they are for their excellent training and support of independent distributors. They have many positive reviews online from customers who use the products.”

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