BestDirect Supports MOMS in Business $35 for the Year Listing! Only 100 Limited Availability.

$35.00 / Year

100 in stock



Best Direct is a HUGE online eBook that is released once a year.
We feature some of the best companies, products and savings in our eBook.
We submit our eBook to over 500 locations and we secure partnerships with some of the best websites online.

Your listing will be shown on our website here at Best Direct and searchable through our database of the best savings online.

Your listing will also be featured with our partner sites and readers can download the Big Huge Vendor eBook and access your listing information.

Every year we accept 100 listings to get our book jump started. Those 100 listings get a $133 savings for their listings as a THANK YOU for supporting Best Direct.

You can grab your $35.00 listing today if we still have open spots available.

You will be contact with a Best Direct associate that will walk you through setting up the MOST beneficial listing with our website and through our eBook.

You will have help designing and writing up your listing.

We look forward to serving you and we are excited for the 2022 YEAR!

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